Apps on Rosie

Gold MacBook Air
It looks pink in some light

I recently had (let’s call it) a change of employment that left me without a modern laptop. I have a nice iMac, but I really hate being tied to a desk at home all day. I get cabin fever almost immediately. I tried using my circa-2011 MacBook Air, but it quickly became clear that it was too sluggish.

I’m not a huge fan of any of Apple’s current laptops, especially the MacBook Pros with their accursed Touch Bars. I hear rumor of a new generation of post-Ive laptops coming out maybe late this year that would relinquish some thinness in favor of a functional keyboard. 🤞

But since I needed a new laptop now, I decided to try out one of the freshly updated MacBook Airs. It’s got function keys, Touch ID, and no Touch Bar! I decided to try it at its most base configuration both because it’s a stopgap (I briefly named the computer “Stopgap” before changing it to “Rosie”—it just felt mean to let it know how little it meant to me) and because I could get one the same day from my local Apple Store. Since it came with a 14-day return policy, it seemed like a worthy risk. It’s not the zippiest computer, and I have seen it lagging from time to time, but I think it will probably do the job. Then I’ll likely sell it off (as well as my big iMac) and go the full-laptop life when they come out with a MacBook Pro that has an escape key.

All this to say that now I can work on Cassette Nest from anywhere!

As the list-maker and information-organizer that I am, I like to write things down as I set up a new computer. Here are the apps I installed on Rosie’s first day. In alphabetical order:

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